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Bringing you 40 years of business experience, John delivers sharp

insights into today’s more challenging business and leadership issues

Keynote Speaking Topics for Today's Challenges

We are losing the

cyber security war.

What leaders must do !

Organizations are Shadows

of their Leaders.

That’s the good news ….

and the bad news.

Does your culture contain hidden business risks ?

We are losing the cyber security war. What leaders must do !

Cybercrime is the number one near-term threat for all businesses. Between 2019 and 2020 ransomware attacks grew by 600% globally, and no industry or sector is safe from this global tsunami. There is a 100% probability that you will be, or already have been, hacked or infected with malware! And cyber security is not just a technology issue, it's an enterprise-wide issue and every person, from the Board Room to the Stock Room, must become personally accountable for keeping themselves and the company safe from the onslaught of cybercriminals. 

If cyber security is an enterprise issue, then it is also a leadership issue. But what can leaders do, since most of us are not technically savvy? The solution lies in building a strong, agile cyber security culture, and that's a leadership job.

Drawing on recent examples of multiple cyberattacks, John presents an insightful foray into why cybercrime is on the rise, how cybercrime negatively impacts business value, customer loyalty and employee trust, and most importantly what leaders can and must do to build a cyber safe organization.

In this presentation you will walk away with a new understanding of the levers you as a senior business leader can use to strengthen cyber security and engage your entire company in creating a cyber safe culture.

Organizations are Shadows  of their Leaders. That’s the good news ….and the bad news.

In this highly interactive keynote, John R Childress challenges business leaders to think about how their behavior at work impacts people far down in the organization and sets the tone for "how employees behave" with their co-workers, customers and suppliers. Based on the old adage of "do as I say, not do as I do" (which is actually the opposite of what really happens), John presents powerful evidence of the positive and negative impact that leaders unknowingly have on their corporate culture, and business results.

John also gives his audience a set of tools to cast a greater positive shadow and how leaders can open up innovation, reduce unwanted employee turnover, and improve customer satisfaction. Participants from across the globe have stated that this one leadership concept has been instrumental in improving their impact as a leader, as well as their personal relations with family and children. 

Are you casting a positive leadership shadow? Are you certain?

Does your culture contain hidden business risks ?

The prevalent thinking today is that corporate culture is a business asset, especially when most people focus on Vision statements and a list of Values. John Childress challenges this view with evidence from over 40 years of consulting on turnarounds and M&A.  Corporate culture is full of hidden and powerful business risks that can easily derail even the best strategy or the "perfect" acquisition. 

Join John on a journey through the myths and truths of corporate culture as he creates a visual ecosystem map of how culture is created and how it impacts your people, your customers and your business performance. 

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