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“My business books are written with one person in mind, the CEO or business leader. The one individual with the least free time and yet the greatest overall responsibility. My job is to give them extra tools and insights to create and sustain competitive advantage and a high-performance corporate culture.”


Each of the business books written by John R. Childress are the result of hands-on and head-to-head work with CEOs and senior executive teams from global FTSE and Fortune 500 organizations. Not an academic or theorist, John is practical and results-oriented and the many lessons learned from over 40 years of business advisory and consulting form the foundation for his articles and books.

John chooses to tackle the more difficult issues facing CEOs, where there is too much noise, too many consultants and not enough practical tools.

Business Books

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CULTURE RULES! is the culmination of over 35 years working with global leadership teams on understanding the impact of corporate culture on business performance, customer focus and employee engagement.

Download a free synopsis booklet of Culture Rules here.

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LEVERAGE: The CEO’s Guide to Corporate Culture, tackles the key culture and performance issues CEOs need to know: what culture really is, where it comes from, its impact on financial and human performance, its role in strategy execution, and how to reshape and sustain a healthy, high-performance culture.

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LEVERAGE is also available in Korean and can be found in most major bookstores in South Korea.


FASTBREAK: The CEO’s Guide to Strategy Execution, tackles strategy implementation, a task at which most organizations fail . By bringing to light the non-obvious and little talked about reasons for poor strategy execution, I build a line-of-sight framework for effective strategy execution, without an army of consultants.

Time for Leadership.png

A TIME FOR LEADERSHIP: Global Perspectives from an Accelerated European Market Place,  is an insightful book based on direct interviews with 60 European CEO’s and business leaders concerning issues of globalization, the EU, competition, social pressures and technology that are forcing a radical rethink of traditional leadership models . 

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The Secret of a Winning Culture,  is the first book that brought the concept of corporate culture to life for CEOs and business leaders. First published in 1999, this book laid the foundation for a practical business approach to building a high-performance culture.

FF4L book cover.png

FLY FISHING FOR LEADERSHIP  In this departure from my traditional business books, I invite you to explore the world of leadership and leadership development through the sport of fly fishing. With stories from over 70 executives, guides, lodge owners and those in the flyfishing industry, this insightful book shows you the importance of leadership to global business, society, sustainability and the environment.


When I sold my consulting firm in 2000,  I took a couple of years off to write historical thriller novels. Many of these novels are loosely based on my life travels and experiences in Beirut in the 1960s, living in a chateau in the south of France, and of course, fly fishing around the world.  I think you will enjoy the action, the intrigue, the historical backdrops, and the characters as well (especially the women pirates!).

Almost Perfect.jpeg

ALMOST PERFECT is based on the Crusades in the South of France in the 13th Century, plus modern-day money laundering scandals in London. And the connections are real. Soon to be available in this series are Past Perfect and Perfect Tense.

Bad Company.png

BAD COMPANY, is the story of a modern-day businessman struggling to keep his company together against impossible odds, alongside a tale of 18th-century pirates buccaneering through the high seas. The two stories intertwine - in a way that will both chill and fascinate. And all the pirates are women!

Business as Usual.png

BUSINESS AS USUAL  is a topical thriller combing global politics, the narcotics trade, and the giants of the drugs industry. And when the drug lords link up with Big Pharma, it's definitely not, Business As Usual.

Game Changer.png

GAME CHANGER From Beirut and the terror camps of Lebanon to the politics of the Middle East and Washington, Game Changer is a brilliant action thriller. When a suicide bomber blows herself up at a Presidential news conference in Washington D.C., President Roswell Clayton Pierce realises nothing will ever be the same again. This was the Game Changer.

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