Business leaders can easily lose perspective.  With the world moving so fast it’s difficult to keep focus on the critical strategic business levers for competitive advantage. John Childress brings impartial advice concerning competitive, organizational and people challenges.

John Childress has been my mentor and coach for the past 20 years as I have tackled ever increasing roles and broader responsibilities.  I have valued and applied his coaching and insights to improve my communication and people engagement skills, as well as my business understanding. And over the years we have become friends as well as business colleagues.”    ~Richard Millman, former CEO, Bell Helicopter


Advisory and consulting assignments usually focus around business opportunities or organization challenges, including:

  • Avoiding culture clash and loss of value during a Merger or Acquisition
  • Advising a new CEO on the strengths and challenges of the company culture
  • Helping senior teams gain alignment and focus in order to tackle explosive growth or challenging competitive pressures
  • Helping a CEO assess whether the organization and culture are aligned with the new business strategy
  • Coaching difficult or underperforming executives
  • Helping rethink an organization model for global expansion
  • Advising cross-cultural teams on working effectively together to deliver to budget and time constraints
  • Understanding the people and cultural barriers to a sustainable turnaround
  • Supporting a CEO to improve Board Effectiveness

“As a relatively newly appointed MD, I had the opportunity of working closely with John over a two week period.  During this time together, he observed me in my role as the leader of a large organization (1,000 people), constantly coaching me and pointing out opportunities for “Leadership” improvement.   This guidance and coaching has become invaluable to me as I have worked to turn the business around.”   ~Raymond Osgood, Executive Managing Director – ANZ, CNH Industrial


Over the years John has worked in Aerospace, Technology, Financial Services, Retail, Nuclear, Power Generation, Gas Pipelines, Insurance, Trucking, Automotive, Transportation, Fashion, FMCG and Food Services.

John Childress brings a direct and straightforward approach to his advisory and consulting engagements:

  • Confidential discussions with the Chairman, CEO or business leader about opportunities and challenges
  • Spending 2-3 days within the business talking to senior executives, reviewing strategy, leadership processes and business model.
  • Development of a confidential Executive Feedback Report with targeted recommendations
  • 1-on-1 feedback discussion and coaching.
  • Optional: a specially designed and facilitated senior team retreat to develop a solutions roadmap
  • Continued coaching and advisory services for 6 months on a 2 days/month basis

John Childress effectively tied together Strategy Execution and Corporate Culture so we could better understand the critical importance of how they reinforce each other.  For both Strategy Execution and Culture, his books were incredibly useful when read before our work together, and again afterwards to refresh on the relevant issues.   ~Eric Rogers, Head of Strategy Execution, T D Williamson, Inc.