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A Letter to the New CEO

As a new leader in a high profile position you are undoubtedly keen to learn everything about your organization that will impact on performance. What do you know about the Corporate Culture of your organization?

Is it fit for purpose? Will it propel your strategy or act as an anchor? All organizations are a collection of strong subcultures. Do you know where the subcultures are, who leads them and whether or not they are aligned with the company vision, values and strategy? Do you understand the risks inherent in your current corporate culture that could derail the company? Do you know the key organizational levers you can use to reshape the culture?

These are just some of the important questions that CEOs and I talk about in my role as a senior advisor on culture, leadership and strategy execution.

Time is precious for all of us. May I suggest a 1-hour meeting, either in your offices or over lunch or dinner, where we can talk about the realities of reshaping a culture to better support your business strategy.


John R Childress