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John R Childress

Executive Advisor - Author - Keynote Speaker


 Innovative thinking focused on today's most challenging business and leadership issues.

Culture Rules !

My groundbreaking new book and disruptive approach to corporate culture as a business issue.

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"This wonderful book will transform our understanding of corporate culture.   Finally, an approach to corporate culture that makes a compelling business case!"

~ Stephen M. R. Covey
New York Times bestselling author
of The Speed of Trust

John is an engaging speaker whose insider knowledge of the worlds of global business, leadership and corporate culture make him a sought after conference speaker. John brings 40 years of experience as a CEO, executive advisor and consultant on turnarounds, leadership issues and team dynamics.


My books are written with one person in mind, the CEO or business leader; the one individual with the least free time and yet the greatest overall responsibility. My job is to give them extra tools and insights to create and sustain competitive advantage and a high-performance corporate culture.


While I have spoken at many business conferences around the world, I prefer to facilitate senior team alignment workshops, where we can get into the real nitty-gritty of leadership and business issues.

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Connect with John

If you’d like to get in touch with me about speaking, facilitating, consulting, or join my network of

Next Level  Leaders,



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